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What is The Hang-Out 070?

The Hang-Out 070 is a ‘living room project’, given life to offer a safer space to the LGBTQ community of The Hague and surrounding areas. We host various ways for LHBTQ people to meet each other in a private environment so that they can truly be themselves and be among peers. This stimulates personal development and creates bridges between communities and individuals. We organise activities and events that contribute to the wishes of LGBTQ people, especially those from communities of colour or with a migrant background.

We believe that by centering ourselves on the lived experiences of this underrepresented group within an already marginalised community, we contribute to the cultural, social, and individual cohesion of society.

The Hang-Out 070 was started by Bi van Guine in 2016. They gathered a group of involved queer people of the Hague and started to host events specifically catered towards queer youth of colour.
Over time, as we noticed that a broader range of queer people needed a space to come together, we said farewell to being “youth only” and focused on building an inclusive community with queer BIPOC as our focus.
We have called several spaces our home over the years, and in 2021 we finally have our own space, which we share with a queer art collective.
Want to contribute to our queer community? Contact us to become a volunteer!

Who is The Hang-Out 070?

Meet the Core Team of THO-070, who are supported by a growing team of talented volunteers.


"political plant gay"

Hi, I'm Riyaz van Wegberg. I am a coordinator of THO-070 since 2018. I love being around queer people, me being myself queer I guess. As a coordinator I'm trying to keep stuff running and yea coordinate. Creating a intersectional queer safer space is what I’m trying to achieve in a way thats doable for everybody.
I'm involved in talking to other organisations and to the municipality of The Hague. Always advocating for queer inclusion and liberation. Yes, here in the Netherlands and especially in The Hague there is still a lot of work to do. Wanna help out let us know!
And next to that i’m an anime nerd, love club night and a party and apparently a political plant gay.


"a deity of the void"

Tracy is inherently terrible at writing biographies.
As a team member of The Hang-Out 070, they help to create a safer space for the community through empathy, support, and a sense of vengeful and loving justice. They are part of the Communications team and also aid with other administrative responsibilities, as well as the occasional networking event.
When they deign to commit themself to an earthly form instead of their normal existence as a deity of the void, they enjoy using creative outlets to anchor them to this world, such as illustrations with too much honesty, poetry dripping with bits of their soul, weird fiction full of half-truths, singing their heart out to songs that make them cry, and dancing between dimensions.
Their other passions include gaming of all sorts (video, board, and tabletop), the exploration of music and sound, media crit and analysis, weird fashion, and supporting the Dutch ballroom scene as a member of the Kiki House of Major, a trans POC house based in the Hague.


"sometimes, I’ll even do something fun"

Hoi hoi, I’m Ruben Brunings (he/him)
In no particular order of importance: I’m bisexual, queer, a Marxist, biracial, a historian, and a writer. I do a ton of stuff like creating queer fiction, analysing pop culture media, writing some more, working out, taking care of my cats, studying history, talking about politics... Sometimes, I’ll even do something fun. You can read my fiction on my website.
In The Hang-Out 070, I’m sort of like a handyman. I help with pretty much everything from developing our policies for democracy and inclusivity, to helping out at events.
I believe The Netherlands is lagging behind with its ‘tolerance’ when it comes to true liberation and equality for communities of colour and LGBTQ communities, so I am 100% devoted to the revolutionary struggle.
Fun fact: my birthday, October 22nd, is the same as when something called the ‘Great Disappointment’ happened in 1844.


"a series of unlikely events"

Rollie is a nonbinary trans queer allowing a series of unlikely events to direct the course of most of their major decisions.
This has worked out pretty well so far and has led them to the Communications team of The Hang-Out 070, as well as to the helm of the occasional workshop.
In what constitutes their off-hours, they can be found gaming, hoarding blue lipstick, and starting but never finishing analog collages.

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