If you are from a welzijn organisation, please email directly for questions or doorverwijzing (can speak English and Dutch).


For study/research/project purposes, please read the following in full.
THO-070 receives a great deal of research requests regarding our community, and we’re grateful that research is being done in order to help us.
However, we’re continually bombarded with surveys, intrusive questions about trauma and, sometimes, even narratives that we don’t appreciate.
If you or your organisation would like to do research about our community or the participants of THO-070, then please send an email to:

Please keep in mind that we ask of you the following:

Is the research done or led by queer people of color?

Do THO-070 and the participants receive compensation for their participation?

Are there guarantees in place that research about trauma-related subjects is carried out in the safest possible manner?

Will the participants and THO-070 receive access to the research result(s)?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is “no” and/or “maybe”, then there’s a good chance that we will not respond to your request.
If the answer to question #1 is “yes”, then we can offer exceptions to students and research done by other queer organizations.
We only check the inbox of this account on the 1st of each month. Research inquiries made via other channels of communication are not welcome.

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